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Mortgage loan requirements

1. Copy of Identification, Passport, and/or Driver’s License.

2. Resume or Curriculum Vitae (if applicable).

3. If Self-employed or Owner of the Company:

  • W2
  • Last Two (2) Years of Personal Tax Returns.
  • Last Two (2) Years of Business Tax Returns.

4. If Employed:

  • Last Two (2) Years of Personal Tax Returns.
  • Last Two (2) Pay Stubs.
  • Name, Telephone, Email of person who will give information from your current job (human resources). 
  • Copy of Last Three (3) Months of Bank Statements.

1. Copy of Fully Executed Sales Contract.

2. Copy of Checks and/or Transfers Given to Seller as payment for the property.

3. If the Property Title will be under the name of an American Society:

  • Articles and statutes of the company and Shares or Certificates (executed).
  • Company tax number.

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