Miami based mortgage lenders, The Q Kapital Group, launch mobile app to expedite mortgage applications for international buyers

Miami, FL (May 24, 2017) – Miami based commercial and residential mortgage lender, The Q Kapital Group Corp., has launched a mobile app to better serve their international clientele. The mortgage lending company specializes in mortgages for foreign national buyers interested in purchasing commercial or residential properties in Miami, Florida and New York; the app facilitates the mortgage process for both domestic and international buyers of real estate in the USA.

The Q Kapital’s app, searchable as “Q Kapital” and categorized under finance, makes applying for a mortgage easier for potential buyers on the go. Featuring a user-friendly interface and intuitive functionality, the Q Kapital mobile app allows users to initiate the mortgage application process, get an initial quote, and submit required documentation.

“Our objective is to make the mortgage process as simple and smooth as possible for our applicants.” said President and founder Mauricio Ordoñez. “We created this app to make mortgage acquisition for foreign national buyers easier, wherever they are in the world. The app has an intuitive interface making it simple to use, and it’s also secure. This expedites the entire process tremendously.”

Foreign national buyers from Latin America, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, and even Asia and Africa are often under the impression that they can only acquire US properties with cash. However, there is an abundance of mortgage credit available to them through direct lenders such as Q Kapital. The launch of the mobile app gives potential foreign buyers a chance at finding financing for commercial and residential properties in Miami, all of Florida, and New York, with a special focus on luxury residences and commercial property, or income-producing assets like multi-family homes and hotels.

Co-founder Gaston Schneider added, “We believe that the mortgage process should be simple, safe, and easy. Nowadays with everyone accessible via mobile, people can use our app to apply wherever they are in the world. By using our new app, anyone can submit a loan application in seconds. It’s a fantastic tool that we are proud to say is also free.”

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About The Q Kapital Group

Based in Miami and celebrating their 10 year anniversary, Q Kapital is a direct mortgage lender with a focus on foreign national mortgages. Q Kapital provides loans to clients buying commercial or residential properties in Florida and New York. With co-founders Mauricio Ordonez and Gaston Schneider at the helm, immigrants from Colombia and Argentina, respectively, the company intimately understands the needs of foreign nationals and respects the challenges of buying property in the US. Q Kapital’s team explains the requirements of the US banks, and facilitates the mortgage process for international buyers.  Q Kapital also helps US Citizens and/or residents with buying or investing in residential or commercial properties in Florida and New York.