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Q Kapital Residential, Commercial, and Investment Mortgage Financing

Foreign National Residential Mortgages

At Q Kapital we provide mortgage financing for foreign nationals. Our foreign national  residential mortgage loan programs feature low documentation with quick, easy approval. We are foreign national loan experts and offer mortgage programs specially designed for foreign nationals that streamlines and expedites the loan process.

US Residents/Citizens Residential Mortgages

Whether you are a first time homebuyer, seeking to refinance your existing mortgage or planning to build your dream home, we can help. With a vast array of portfolio mortgages and access to a wide variety of Residential Mortgage Loan products, we can help you find the right financing solution for your specific needs.

Foreign National Commercial Loans

At Q Kapital we provide financing for the purchase of commercial property to foreign nationals. Our foreign national commercial loan program also features low documentation with quick, easy approval. We are foreign national mortgage experts and have streamlined the application process to get you to the closing table fast.

US Citizens/US Residents Commercial Mortgages

We work with real estate developers, investors and clients like you to structure the most appropriate mortgage financing for your situation. Whether you need a commercial mortgage for construction, to buy income producing property, or a Real Estate-backed business loan, we get you into the commercial mortgage loan program most suited to your business and investment objectives.

Bridge Loans in Florida

Fast, flexible and reliable solutions for clients that need an quick loan based on the value of the property. We customized our hard equity/mezzanine debt solutions to better serve our clients. Asset-based lending is great tool to close a deal fast with low documentation.

Foreign National Bridge and Hard Equity Loans

Foreign Nationals also qualify for Private Asset-backed Bridge Loans.  Mezzanine financing for foreign nationals is a great way to quickly buy or refinance properties. Q Kapital has streamlined this process to make a hassle-free experience.