Jacqueline Masso

   Speaks English, Spanish

My name is Jacqueline Masso, I started with Q Kapital Group as a Mortgage Liaison, being the mortgage liaison was being processor/LO assistant plus also completing applications from clients, gathering the necessary requirements and the review of the initial documentation needed to start the preapproval process. I was promoted a year later in 2016 to the position of Mortgage Processor, this was a big step up into the company. With this new position my roll was now to be very detailed orientated, in this position you have many hats, you have to submit the loans to different lenders, talk to title companies, borrowers, make sure you make all the turn times needed on the closing. Recently in December of 2019 I was promoted to being now an Assistant Manager for The Q Kapital Group, with this roll I had to overwatch mostly the opening department and to be a team leader with the girls here at the office and the loan officers. On June of 2020, I was promoted to now being the Processing Manager of The Q Kapital Group. 

With this new position came a lot of responsibility, I must make sure that everything in the process in all departments go smoothly and we are achieving all the goals we have in the company, my goal is to always keep the ball rolling here at the office but at the same time, making sure that not only my team is happy but also our loans officers and clients are as well pleased with the process. Here at Q Kapital, we are more than just a Mortgage Broker/Lender company, we are a Servicing company and we strive to provide the best customer service our clients can have buying a new property for personal use or investment. Before Q Kapital Group, I was in the field of Sales at Diesel and into Real Estate for a year and a Half, most of my time has been with Q Kapital Group for the past 5 Years.

 I like to think of myself as an animal lover, I currently have 3 Dogs – One Black Lab, Shiba Inu and a poodle/Spanish cavalier and it gets better… I also have 2 cats! One is a Bengal Kitty and the other is a rescue cat. Also, from being an animal lover, I am a big fan of the Miami Heat and I am a biggg food person!