Juio Ospina

   Speaks English, Spanish

Julio Ospina began his professional career in Real Estate in 2003, as a co-owner of The Lending Way, a firm specialized in Real Estate Financing. By 2009, he was the President and co-owner of Wise Realtors LLC, a boutique real estate company specializing in residential and commercial transactions, advising local and international clients.

In April 2016, Julio and the Wise Realtors Group joined RelatedISG International Realty, a company that understands the need for distinctive real estate representation. Julio is the director of the Commercial Division of the Wise group, a specialist with a deep knowledge of this market. He is a team leader, always looking for the best ways to increase the quality of customer service on his team. As a full-time agent, Julio’s focus in real estate is on getting to know his clients well and taking care of them from start to finish.