Lissa Andrade

   Speaks English, Spanish

I started as opener and mortgage processor assistant, roll that consisted in completing applications from clients, gathering the necessary requirements and reviewing the initial documentation to make sure everything is according lender guidelines, preparing file to be ready for processing. I was recently promoted as a Mortgage Processor which consists in the submission of the loan, work on loan structure and the continuance of the loan timeline and its closing procedure. 

I graduate from Hospitality and Tourism management, and had work experience in the industry for 9 years holding different rolls, making my job experience a chain of learning experiences that lead me to have a better understanding and perspective of the essence of my career. I hold a certified diploma as well, as a real estate sales associate. I like to think of myself as an artist and life lover, I love bringing out beauty and take only the best from everyone and anything, taking only positivism from each situation. I enjoy every single art form, I love writing, dancing, and painting, which is how I spend my time after work hours.