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Our very own online community of real estate professionals interested in networking and growing their professional circle and market knowledge through our exclusive member directory, events and content.

Member Directory

The QKapital Realtor's Club is a directory of selected Real Estate professionals looking to grow their network with american and foreign clients.

Personal Profile

Every Realtor's Club member has a professional profile included with a small bio, profile photo, skills and some of their featured listings.

Private Events & Webinars

QKapital is in constant communication with its partners and members will enjoy access to private networking events as well as webinars featuring prominent real estate professionals.

Exclusive Content

Members will also enjoy access to exclusive blog, video and audio content covering the latest in mortgage lending and real estate market news.

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qkapital realtors club

Below is the form to pre-register for the QKapital Realtor’s Club. Please include all of the required information and you will be notified once you are able to create your professional member profile.