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The Q Kapital Group is a mortgage lending company that specializes in refinancing, mortgage lending for US Residents, and foreign nationals. Our company was founded in 1997 with the intention of being the number one mortgage lending group in South Florida, Colorado, Texas, and New York.

Our Founders

Mauricio Ordoñez

President - Founder

Gaston Schneider

Partner - Founder

David Hassan

Partner - Founder

The Core Team

Jacqueline Masso

Virginia Boschiazzo

Juanita Azza

Suzany Di Grassi

Lissa Andrade

Jennifer Rico

Eva Grossman

Katherine Castiblanco

Laura Kamin

Arianna Mijares

Caren Moreno

Lorena Fonseca

Kathelene Benevento

Jennifer Urrea

Our Agents

Berk Öcal

Patricia Chavez

Nilda Gauna

Jennifer Gonzalez

Silvia Barreto

Alix Ortega

Fernando Galindez

Claudio Minones

Andres Rivera

Julio Ospina