Brokered Out Loans

A Mortgage Boutique

Contact Information

Tony Zikovich
A Mortgage Boutique a Division of First
Community Mortgage Title Account Executive
615-630-4065 Tony.Zikovich@fcmpartners.com

Lender Highlights

FHA/VA/RD Min Score is 600 , CONV MIN SCORE 620 , 11 Jumbo Products, HOL ( ITIN) loan up to 90% with 700 Score Full Doc with One Year Tax Returns

Eligible States


  • Do not lend in Alaska, Hawaii, New York, New Jersey , or Vermont
  • Paid Compensation

    Lender Fees - $275
    Lender Paid Compensation - Max up to 2.75%
    Borrower Paid Compensation - Max up to 2.75

    Product Information

    • Credit Matrix: https://kc.fcmpartners.com/documents/credit-score-ltv-matrix.pdf/
    • HOL (ITIN) Matrix: https://kc.fcmpartners.com/documents/hol-guidelines.pdf/.
    • Jumbo Matrix: https://kc.fcmpartners.com/documents/non-conforming-jumbo-quick-guide-comparison.pdf