Brokered Out Loans


Contact Information

Jason Mills
National Account Executive I NMLS ID 69167

Lender Highlights

All 50 States

Lender Fees and Lender Paid Compensation

Lender Fees - $1320
Borrower Paid Compensation - See Rate Sheet for Tier C

Product Information

For all programs, our minimum credit score is 600 with a Max 50% DTI IF total monthly qualifying income is 10k or higher. If not, max DTI is 43%. We require 6 months of PITI in reserves for the Subject Property and 6 month’s reserves for all other REO’s with 3 months’ liquid on the Subject.
Note, we’re able to use 75% of any Personal Retirement Accounts to help meet our reserve requirements. In addition, IF utilizing our Asset Depletion program – our reserve requirements are no longer required to be met. Our Minimum Loan Size is 100k. All loans are 7/1, 5/1 or 3/1 arms.

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