Brokered Out Loans


Contact Information

Christopher Hackney
SVP, Director of SBA Loan Originations
727-399-5662 (office)
404-786-5485 (mobile)

Lender Highlights CreditBench powered by BayFirst is a Top 10 national SBA Lender.

Eligible States

All 50 states

Lender Fees and Lender Paid Compensation

Lender Packaging Fees - $250.00 for Bolt $1,000.00 for FlashCap $2,500.00 for CORE
Lender Paid Compensation - 1% of total amount funded Borrower Paid Compensation - 0%

Product Information:

• 10-year term loan (120-months) or 25-year term for commercial real estate (300-months)
• Monthly payments
• Loan rate is current Wall Street Journal prime rate plus 2.75%. (At 6/15/2022 the Prime Rate is 4.00% so the rate of the loan would be 4.00% + 2.75% = 6.75%)


All Loan Submissions to be sent to, who will assign and remain engaged through out deal process copying PRMG contact on all deal specific updates