Building a Real Estate Agent Network: How to Start Making Better Networks

As a real estate agent, you can have tons of years in the market. But your experience will never do it alone, if you don’t allocate time for networking. Allocating a few hours in your schedule to do this type of work will ensure a better result in the real estate industry.

Most of the time, being visible in your area is important. It turns out that in the real estate market it is inevitable. Our bet is that networking will be your opportunity to build a reputation, to work on your personal brand and finally, to get bigger and better real estate clients.

Why and how can a real estate agent network?

Almost all real estate agents know that by networking, whether it’s a big gala or a small event, you’ll be accomplishing a few things:

  • More involvement in the community.
  • Better lasting relationships.
  • An increase in your referrals.

However, there are two things worth noting here:

  • Relationships do not necessarily have to be made with people belonging to the real estate market. You can build trust with lenders, tax attorneys, or home inspectors. Any professional you think could help you serve your clients will be worth your time.
  • If you are the only or one of the few real estate agents in the room, you are sure to attract everyone’s attention. It will be a great opportunity to exchange cards with potential future investors. Therefore, do not only choose events in the real estate industry.

Get your name out there

Not only can you search among the existing events for those that fit your expectations, but you can also create your own. How about designing an event to attract only the people you need and build the database of your dreams? Let’s look at some key points when hosting:

  • Think of topics in which you can add value. Invite suitable speakers or industry leaders who can also contribute their own points of view, enriching your speech.
  • Attract different types of prospects. Design an ideal network that can help you reach your prospects. Ask yourself a question: who could you work with as an associate?
  • Prepare powerful presentation assets (images, videos, performance) and a personal story to share that will help you build engagement. Most importantly, don’t forget to be honest with your audience, what do you expect from them? Why are they investing their time in your event?

Last but not least, don’t forget that people want to have fun. Don’t make it all about business, get some entertainment to amuse your audience. The more familiar it becomes, the more they will love your event.

When you finally make the time, hopefully the habit of creating or attending an event, be sure to make the most of it. Squeeze your scheduled events to get, not the most connections possible, but the best ones. It’s not about a number, but about the quality of your network. This means you should try to strike up real conversations, engage with people on a deeper level, introduce yourself in a memorable way, and be available at a later time when they try to reconnect with you.

What do you think about networks? How do you do it yourself?